Pasta is a quick and easy dish to cook. When prepared with authentic Italian sauces while following the correct recipe, the comforting taste is unbeatable.

Last weekend, I tried to make the Italian creamy pasta dish and below are three changes I made to the original recipes which in the end, I realized I shouldn’t have.


Even though the experts mentioned to use Parmesan (Parmigiano-Reggiano) cheese for Italian creamy pasta dish, I couldn’t lay my hands on it so I opted for an alternative, a light creamy wedge option. Parmesan cheese helps to create a thick and sticky base when added to cooking cream. Sadly the alternative couldn’t. My pasta dish ended up not having the thick and creamy consistency I was looking to achieve. The best cheese for an Italian pasta dish is parmesan cheese, make sure to use that for your pasta dish.


I used a much lighter cream for my pasta dish which in my opinion was a mistake since I believe that a thicker cream will provide a much more thicker base before and after cheese application. Even though some people choose to use regular milk, using a thick cream is the most suitable to make an Italian pasta dish since an important part of every well made pasta dish is the consistency, the creamier the better. Or so I believe, do whatever suits you better.


Italian chefs have indicated that Italian spice is compulsory when making the perfect Italian pasta dish. However, I chose to use what I had available at the time, regular seasoning cubes and red chili pepper flakes which in my opinion ended up messing up my meal. Make sure to have Italian mixed spices before attempting to make the Italian pasta dish. Every Italian pasta dish needs Italian seasoning.

In conclusion, Italian pasta dish is quick and easy to prepare. Italian pasta dish contains lots of fat, so its not the healthiest meal or the most suitable for people looking to loose body fat. However, it can serve as a cheat meal every once in a while.

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