Welcome to this blogpost on Nigeria brands with emphasis on skincare and wellness brands. I am excited that you are here and interested in going over some amazing Nigeria brands which I have tested their products in the past months and currently hooked on.

I pride myself with credibility and look to always provide my community with honest reviews on products. I tested a couple of Nigeria brands and I can say that they are excellent and deserve your coins. Below are a couple of skincare, wellness and home decor brands I have tried in the 

past year.

Arami Essentials

Arami essentials is a skincare brand with products ranging from body butters and oils to black soap and serums. I started using Arami in 2020 and everything about the brand gets better with every re-fill. My favorite products from the Arami range of products are endless. From their onyx light to lumi oil which I love to put on when stepping out to their glow oil which is my latest holy grail such that i cannot go a day without applying.

Shop Elo

I got gifted two charcoal oxygenated face masks from the shop Elo brand and from the first pack, I was sure the face mask is one of the best face masks in the market today. On application, the mask sits perfectly on the face as compared to other sheet masks I have tried that either end up either too wide or too long, This is a honest review and is in no way influenced too. If you need a stress free sheet mask with instant result, try the shop elo charcoal mask.

Oya Abeo

Oya abeo is a conscious and thoughtful black owned brand. Oya Abeo is a home goods and loungewear brand, hand crafted with love and apt attention to details. The Oya Abeo robe is a favorite. The Oya Abeo robe is versatile as it can be worn as a night robe or used to complete an outfit. The material is simple and easy to care for too. I also got gifted their scented candle which also has an amazing smell to it.

Skin by ZARON

My first set of make-up products back in 2014 were Zaron products which I absolutely loved and still love. When their skincare line launched andI received the PR products from the brand I was excited. The packaging is excellent and the ingredients list too. However none of those prepared me for the magic I found inside the bottles and jars. Every skin by Zaron product understands the assignment and does the job effortlessly.

The Tassel Planner

The tassel planner brand is a brand that emphasizes on the importance of journaling, planning and conscious christianity. The tassel planner is simple yet loaded with self explanatory tips and call to actions. The tassel planner is designed to aid productivity and spiritual growth since its call to action points towards planning with God. I’ve somehow been selfish to launch mine since I’m waiting to start a fresh year with it


The reclaim.ng brand is a skincare and wellness brand that places emphasis on self-care and general wellbeing. My favorite reclaim.ng products are the coffee scrub and the clay mask. Both products are cleansing and powerful. Reclaim.ng is a woman owned brand that pride itself as a women caretaker platform by creating events all across Africa like the recently concluded pop-up sales which had notable and relatable brands like https://www.instagram.com/wickerbasketsng/ https://www.instagram.com/thisisusng/  https://www.instagram.com/embasanliving/ and https://www.instagram.com/buttered_body/

Amila Naturals

This list would certainly be incomplete without notable mention of the Amila naturals brand. The Amila naturals brand is a new brand on my desk yet i can say for a fact that it is here to stay. The Amila brand understands the assignment and know how to effectively execute. My favorite products from Amila are the body butter and shea oil. The fragrance present in both products are too amazing to ignore. The facial mist from the Amila naturals is also one for the books too. I always have it handy to spritz around my face for extra hydration and for a refreshing feeling.

Plants versus Everything

Plants versus everything is an upcoming wellness brand with its primary focus on plants while harnessing its decorative and health beneficial aspects. Plants are sold based on their air purifying properties alongside written guide on how to keep the plants healthy and alive by highlighting their individual needs and level of attention required.

Tiiatoke Essentials

Tiiatoke essentials is a brand inspired by the love for natural African recipes. The five products I tested in the past month are all amazing products with a lot to write home about. The black soap stands out as my favorite product from their range as it deeply cleanses and leaves my body feeling exfoliated and refreshed. Their body butter is also an essential part of my daily routine since it leaves my body moisturized all day long.

Oolo by Reclaim

Oolo by reclaim is a brand that curate and sell unique and creative home decor and home ware pieces. From eye catching scented candle vases to flower vases, spice jars, 100% cotton kitchen towels, chairs and  side stools. Everything about the brand scream UNIQUENESS. I bought a beautiful tea mug from their last exhibition and it’s currently one of my most admired piece.



Glad to see that you made it to the end with me. Also glad to know that you are interested in indigenous brands and hopeful for their quality and overall delivery. More brands to come in 2022. Stay in touch on my instagram and Pinterest to get first hand notice as soon as a new blogpost drop.

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